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So these are the times of thoughts and emotions, slow moments and opportunities and many other things. But the main thing is to stay calm and keep clear ming i guess.


Everyone has their own ways i know. My one is teas and drawing. Yes that simple. Mixing those two I would like to give myself a challenge to stay eight days coffee free, have a new herbal tea each day and draw a new cup of herbal tea each day too.


Imagine the whole week of goodness!!!


So by the end of these days we will have eight tea recipes illustrated. Are you in? I would be jumping of joy if you join. :)


Here you can download the outlines of eight cups if you need them. You are most welcome to create your own. But here they are just in case! Can make the colouring prompts too. Starting tomorrow I will post a video process of drawing and a tea recipe. Lets do it! 

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