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Hand drawn cottage life inspired little stickers. Baking and tea is a huge part of a cottage life. To make a company to a cup of tea from the previous listing I made the yummy things for you. 
Printed locally on the premium sticker paper. Great for decorating your writing for diary, planner or bullet journaling! You can add them to your favourite recipe book or just get inspired for a dessert making. You are purchasing 17 stickers all together. Some are really tiny but really yummy things are good sticker size. 

Approx sheet size: 21 cm to 17 cm

Please note: These are to be used on planners/journals and items for inside use. The colors may vary because every screen is different so please be informed that colors in real life might be more or less vibrant than the actual image. Thank you for understanding 
All designs and drawing were created by me Yulia Potts from My Honeyland Illustrations. Please do not distribute them without permission.

Thank you for supporting my creations!

Cake, pie, candy, Planner Stickers, Bullet Journaling, Cottage life, berries Sti

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