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Skyrocket your Imagination

It is not a real advise but I wish it was. So after an illustrating of two books at the short period of time, deadlines and trying to satisfy the authors and keep my own ideas I finished up feeling really empty. Usually I am full of ideas and just holding the pencil brings SOMETHING out to the paper but not this time. So i decided to do a bit of a research and look for advise you can find of plenty "on the line". It was actually very educational apart from the fact so many people have various views on what should work. Starting from going to the art gallery and finishing with burning the sage walking around your house. I believe it works for people (otherwise there would not be advise like that). But eventually I came up with the process that worked for me. So I am putting it "on the line" as well so I could use it next time and may be someone else too :) So:

Method One:

1. Find at least 3 inspirational quotes those "speak for you" now.

2. Write 3 things you dislike about the momentum. (Eg. I don't like how the head is empty; the paper is white and scary...etc.)

3. Take these 3 dislikes and convert them into 3 opposites (Eg. I love when the head is full of ideas or pictures of little gnomes; the characters are jumping to the peace of paper...etc.)

4. Start drawing.

Method TWO

1. Write about 3 smells that make you happy and why.

2. Write about 3 sounds that make you happy and why.

3. Write about 3 things you like touching and why.

4. Spend 5 minutes with your eyes closed and savoir the feelings.

5. Start drawing.

These are my recipes. I forgot to include coffee with ice-cream . Works as an extra boost. Would love to know about more ways. All of them are precious. So if you feel like sharing yours please do!

Happy drawing and more.

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