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Therapeutic effect of drawing?

Often I can hear the clever people saying how wonderful it is to let creativity out and how great it is for the wellbeing and how therapeutical it is for our souls... But what exactly does it mean and what does it look like in the real life?

Imagine... you take a pen.. doodle for couple of minutes... get annoyed with the meaningless swirls, lines and something which was supposed to be a unicorn, scribble a bit more and think sarcastically: "Yeah..Nah.. not me". I did it myself ages ago comparing my attempts with the works of people I was admiring and thinking why oh why I do not have the talent of them...

But you know what the more I tried the more I learnt to express myself and still my works were nor even comparable with someone famous. It still felt very frustrating but looking back at the very first attempts I noticed to my surprise how far I moved forward with my skills.

It is always fascinating to see at the children's classes how imagination jumps out after they learn the specific skill allowing them to draw something they never knew how. At MyHoneyland art lessons we learn not to compare us with others but compare ourselves with ourselves two, three, five lessons ago. Such comparison actually encourages rather than poisons. It is not just about art - it is just about everything. Comparing how much you improved in relation to you but several steps ago. However the realisation of this comes through doing art. Well.. drawing...if to be precise :)

Quite thrapeutic :)

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