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Alpaca kick, furious pug as a creativity boost and a cottage bliss

Well.. the end of the week was not planned the way it went.

The night before, the white alpaca inspired with the love games of the sheep next door decided to add spice to his life and tried to incline another alpaca into the activity he was not particularly keen on.

So at 9.30 pm when it was pitch dark outside I rushed on the hill with the high beam torch, bamboo stick and a furious pug who just settled for the night in his fluffy bed and was disturbed by an alpaca screaming in horror.

I can tell you when an alpaca screams it is a hard core. You think it is torn apart.

We managed to shoo away the dominant one, release another (who ran straight to his oppressor to get protection as if the pug Winston and I are a super danger)..

And at that very moment the large black alpaca who was looking for his chance to get revenge with Winston for months of teasing and barking and being small and fast.. well. ..

Being invisible in the dark, Akira the alpaca managed to get close enough and kick Winston and got him straight in the face.

Needless to say an alpaca’s kick is a powerful weapon designed to kill the foxes and wolves.

We all got a shock. Winston got a concussion and a damaged eye and a visit to emergency vets and lots of love…So 24 hours later, inspired with all the attention, he made an attempt to escape to the paddock and bark at whoever was there again…

Winston was returned back and told off. Silly dog did not learn anything.

Well.. every day brings something.. Personally I would prefer less stressful events.

However after the relatively happy ends of those the appreciation of the calmer days rises proportionally.

I start seeing the enchantment of each peaceful moment. The little wren’s song sounds especially charming. The “have tos” turn into opportunities…A small break from rain feels like true happiness and

inspires writing again as well as the desire to create.

Have a creative week,



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