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Circus vibes in a cottage style... See how...

The circus theme for the art classes with children was chosen obviously for a reason. But everything should be told in its time so….

Yesterday we experienced a super cold day but it did not stop us from having a full on homeschooling outing. It started in the neighboring town with a class of gymnastics and meeting nice people there.

Then we rushed off to the next neighboring town to get some lunch and gas and carried on through the next neighboring town and much further to get to the forest school.

The idyllic blissful place with an abundance of birds and plant life which is interrupted by equally lively children and nothing else as it provides no cell phone coverage.

And of cause we met more amazing people (big and small) there.

So the day stretched long and we got home about 4.30 pm to find out that the farmer released the big herd of cows to eat the grass along our fence and road but SOMEONE decided not to bother closing the gates and all those gorgeous and hungry animals found out the entry to paradise - our lawn and veggie garden.

“Where does the circus come in?” you will ask. And here it is.

Our “teenage” cow Rosa was so excited with the cow party that who knows how she JUMPED over her fence to share the joy of destruction with the big girls and ate my herbs, nasturtiums… and all the rest what she could.

LUCKILY they did not quite proceed to the young orchard with the precious fruit trees…

Well. The cows were evicted. The broken water valve (that they stepped on and simply crushed) was repaired. Rosa was told off and returned to her paddock.

Her new boyfriend - the neighbor’s young brahmin bull came from the other side to the fence and who knows what he was trying to talk her into.

But by that time all I wanted was to sit near the fire and just be.

The next act of the circus performance will happen today I believe.

We are going to pick up a Gotland ram Zac for a week sleep over. He is going to have our girls Gotland sheep happy and hopefully we will have babies at the start of september. First time for us. And for them. But not for Zac. So hope he knows what he is doing.

Happy weekend… I would say.. As the destruction could be much worse.

And yes.. Every day is bringing something new…

And we need some “restorative” baking day :) so I guess some cottage recipes will come to mind when my coffee activates my brain.

Would love to know what is your “restorative baking” recipe

Happy creative week



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