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Compound effect, sunshine and chickens

The one thing I wish I could purchase in a little paper bag is a bit of consistency. Last week was filled with actions, I filmed, edited, used some wording out of my book that is a long process and uploaded my first semi long video to my YouTube channel "My Honeyland Illustrations".

But this week... all I can do is picking the dry seeds from calendula plant while seating on the terrace with the empty head and listening to the books on how to focus and increase the productivity.

I understand it is all about consistency and about a little bit every day but also I understand that when I am not drawing I loose energy for everything else. Somehow "everything else" does not make sense without drawing but it also true the other way around.

Feeling like Alice in wonderland- puzzled.

I guess I need to draw something urgently:)

And I know what - the scones with rhubarb and orange jam and whipped cream recipe reaquires an illustration and so it be😊

because tomorrow we are picking a little bluff bantam Orpington hen to add to our Roosterville and my focus will be right there.

Happy focusing to all ♥️


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