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Penstemons, pencils and procrastination

Last year I was obsessed with the idea of creating a cottage garden. The magical words " herbaceous border" created the most wonderful pictures of blooming delphiniums. roses, aquilegia, roses of all sorts and of cause, penstemons. I planted, fed, weeded, watered but... penstemons just disappeared. I even decided that I was sold some weeds with the label showing beautiful bells.

But overall the cottage garden project went well and it is one of my favourite places at home.

The last week I enjoyed its calming and healing effects just looking through the window feeling like I was drifting in the parallel world in the waves of heat inside and out. I managed to pick up the flu at the hottest time of the year and spent five days in a company of fever and all books I could handle.

Another week passed by and disappeared in a wall of rain. The cyclone visited and had its run on a local river. The result of it was a cabbage and tomato diet with strawberry desserts due to being locked as the driveway has a huge puddle. My car can not cope with it so I feel like a tiger in a cage. I hope tomorrow it will dry but the rain keeps topping it up.

The lack of choice of going to places really demoralises me. We missed piano lesson and a horse riding for my daughter that puts guilt on my homeschooling self. The pencils are still with me though as well as the supply of paper. I am working on a new book and funny enough it is all about underwater word :)

To my surprise the Penstemons just emerged with the abundance of bells of the most delicious shades of pink. I still can not fugure out the mystery of those.


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