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"Softening into feminine, being a guest at "The Cosy Feminine" podcast and the books..."

The easter brought what would be called in Europe "the golden Autumn".

I love these warm quiet days with the poplars changing colours, dahlias vigorously blooming as if trying to show off all what they can before the winter, and dreamy atmosphere that I can not explain.

Everything quietens down. The softness comes into everything including the way of thinking, speaking, moving...

This is a very fruitful time to create for me. I have just completed illustrating the book for a very nice person and their son and finding a beautiful satisfaction in writing and rearranging the home.

I feel very traditional and womanly in all these autumn everyday tasks and joining the rhythm of nature fills me with absolute harmony.

Two days ago we had and recorded an amazing conversation with wonderful Emma from The Cosy Feminine.

She is bringing to the light the traditional values of family, living in feminine and building a community of women who share these views to the life.

You can find her at

where she announces each new podcast, shares the wisdom and beauty of everyday. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

We talked about many things and one of them was the books.

I do read a lot and to be honest I read every day at least 15 minutes before bed even if I am very tired.

There are the days when I need a bit of "pick me up" and reassurance that the world is beautiful - this is when reading of some books is a remedy for the soul.

And yes I do read children's books :) some of them have incredible wisdom inside that we perceive in different way as children.

Here is a list of books that I find incredibly soothing and healing.

Some of them have the most beautiful aesthetically pleasing illustrations. They make the trip to "escape land" the absolute bliss.

And it has nothing to do with running away from problems and situations but relieving the emotional burden for a bit, recharge, refill and come back balanced and conscious and able to look at things with the stronger soul settings.

I am sharing this list with you just in case you like to recharge yourself through reading as well.

Please feel free to comment and add the books you find particularly beautiful.

Happy rest of the week!



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