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How my imaginary place turned into the real cottage lifestyle? Five tips to get clear on your dream

Neverland for Wendy, Wonderland for Alice... For anyone who is living in the fairytale it has a lot of meaning. Sometimes the life duties become overwhelming, With the freedoms of adulthood the responsibilities come. With the big grins of "got you now" they come to your 21st (and even earlier to some) and dictate their rules to the game of life.

And it is far from living in a fairy tale for most.

Well it was not for me :)

And at the worst moments I was thinking how nice it could be to find myself in ideal dream world, the imaginary place that would have all my heart desires.

And then I was thinking what is it i am lacking now I need to imagine... It was the safety, the confidence, the peace, the harmony end much more...

Eventually the image evolved into an idyllic country life, cozy interiors, rolling fields, floral prints, straw hats, homemade baked goods, growing plants, raising animals, and flowers.

I came up with my own imaginary land of milk and honey - first in thoughts and then got lucky to experience it in reality. But the idea of having a safe place where a tired woman can make stories without being judged, draw them out - not caring about the artistic accuracy and just bring together the best in people, animals, wonderful plants , talents and intentions.

It helped me so much not just to walk the path of children's books illustrator and art teacher..but to deal with life's many challenges.

So here are the tips on the process of dreaming with the result:


Tip #1 - Think of a personal cottage self care retreat for the weekend

The imaginary holidays in a perfect place can be all your heart desires! And no limits right? What are you missing in your life now that you would like to find there? How would you like to be greeted? Who and what do you see? What do you feel like upon arrival? What is the space you spend most of your "retreat" look like?

Tip #2 - Try to describe it with words through journaling

Your imaginary cottage time in "the land of milk and honey" is "healing hot drink" for the soul. Think of the seeing with eyes ("I spy with my little ye everything that makes me feel happy..."),

smells and aromas (and yes it can not be just the honeysuckle and lilies), the things you can touch and feel, the sounds you can hear and even the melody you might want to try and sing...the more details the better.

Have a wonderful time journaling it all out

"“What is the name of your dream? A lovely wooden cottage in the middle of a forest? Or walking in an endless autumn path? What is the name of your dream? Don’t give a name, always give a list! Fill yourself with dreams because dream is the path to reality!”

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Tip #3 - Find the perfect music and do the silence practice

I find it the most beautiful way to recharge. It is not the "special meditation", it is the reset of the thoughts, the relaxing time - 5 minutes, 10.. an hour nam..whatever feels comfortable at the moment.

Close your eyes and allow the music to fill you with the most beautiful soothing images of a cottage life.

No thoughts, no expectations.. just you and your music.

Tip #4 - Draw it up

Yes I know it would not be me to mention the benefits of artistic activities for the soul and this particular topic especially. Do you know when I was just doing all these things - and decided I do really want to live the cottage life..I used to draw all sorts of cottages just to make the dream as real as possible in then current conditions. And guess what - it worked!

Tip #5 - And now it is all about YOU! Use the best words you can find to describe yourself

As much as it is all imaginary I find it as grounding as it can be.

My big daughter calls it sarcastically "living in the head". She is kind of right but the main point is to dream it out in your head first.

Otherwise if you are not knowing where you are heading you can arrive just anywhere. And it better be the nice place. Otherwise thinking with pleasure and awareness of where you are and where you want to be is a great map on the wonderful journey called life.

Drop the comment below if you love fostering dreams! Happy thought work!


P.S. If you feel like the happy cottage core art and things are something you need around - this is where you can find some


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