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Whimsical kitchen tips to keep the style with country love

"If you're looking to keep the style in your kitchen with a country love and cottagecore, there are a few tips you can follow.

First, consider adding in some whimsy with your decor. This can be done with items like adding a teapot collection to your shelves or using mason jars as vases for fresh flowers.

You can also add in some country-style kitchen linens, like checkered towels or gingham aprons. Finally, keep your food simple and country-inspired, like making homemade bread or preserves. By following these tips, you'll be able to keep the style in your kitchen with a country love and cottagecore."

This is what the generic recommendations are.

However I should mention that country kitchen style and cottage core whimsy are two completely different things.

For me good timeless heavy quality of country kitchens are not the same as a little toy fairy tale whimsical kitchen of a small cottage.

I made 10 elements that bring out the coziness and cottage feel of a kitchen for me. And you decide if it speaks to your soul or not quite. The comments are most welcome and I would love to hear what makes the cottage kitchen for you.

  1. Wooden floor and handmade mats or mini rugs.

This is something that invites the warmth into my heart straight away. Stepping on the clean wooden floor early in the morning barefoot making your first cup of coffee has the "welcome to the peaceful home" vibe straight away. And If there is a rug - because lets admit - early in the morning can be quite cold straight out of bed.. I almost hear the rooster calling...

2. Wooden shelves with the hooks with the cups hanging off them.

This is something I am dreaming to add to my cottage kitchen and I believe it will happen one day. Meanwhile I keep drawing what I would love to manifest.

These shelves are so light and fairytale like and you almost expect to see a little bottle with a magical portion for ..growing the butterfly wings or something similar.

3. Hanging pots..

Off the ceiling or on the wall - the hanging pots tell us it is a kitchen where the things are happening regularly. The hearty soups are bubbling on the stove and something yummy is sizzling in the frying pan now and then. You won't stay hungry here which means you will be taken care of, comforted and supported.

4. Colours.

I spent so much time trying to look at the photos of the cottage kitchens all over and the colours are really the choice of a beholder. However it looks like all beautiful pastel greens, blues and yellows could be found. My kitchen is with a hint of pink at the moment but Earthy warm autumn palette is my favourite and there is a lot of it in my house.

5. Cast iron or clay cookware.

I suppose this was a slow cooking method of the past days when a busy person who lived in a cottage could set it up on a small fire and leave it while doing their work. And all those nice rich dishes of millet or buckwheat with mushrooms and vegetables grown near the house are much tastier cooked in a thick walled pot.

6. Cute crocheted curtain

I have been trying to make one for ages and it is still "the work in progress". Possibly it is one of those "winter long night craft" things and it will be completed when nothing else has to be done. Laughing here as some project is ALWAYS on the go here.

7. Flowers in a jug.

My love to jugs is endless. May be the same big as to the tea pots.

I try keeping fresh flowers in the house when I can and herbs on the kitchen window sill in a little jar, and just having a little jar on a shelf brings out stories ( stories are so welcome in my house). May be... about a cat who stole cream from the jar and was seating on a kitchen bench and cleaning the whiskers and... and it could go on but we are here to discuss the cottage kitchen key elements. :)

8. Big sink

It comes so handy when I come from the garden with the bunches of beetroot or other goods that need cleaning. I really appreciate having it in my house.

9. Big wooden cutting boards.

Especially with the freshly baked bread left on a board to cool down. Just out of the oven. With the beautiful smell of "all worries go away". Not sure what this was more about - cutting boards or bread? Lets leave both here as there is no use in just a cutting board with nothing on it.

10. A butter crock or butter box.

This is what I think of hearing the words "cottage kitchen". And may be one day I can keep there the butter from my Rosa the Cow. She is still little. Well not really. Growing fast and is in a boisterous teenage stage at the moment but hopefully she will turn into a lovely cow one day.

At the moment I will stop at 10 elements that make the cottagecore kitchen so inviting and whimsical and warm and many other things. I think of the words... charming, cozy, vintage, cute, and somehow.. marshmallows and acorns... don't ask :)

Wishing you all the beautiful time in your kitchens you could imagine.


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