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2023 plans and hopes

2023 did not jump on unexpected for me this year.

Quite often I am lost in the days and new years eve comes like an inevitable and daunting realisation of another year passing by with no significant changes in my life that I could be proud of. But not this time.

I started thinking of the results I produce (or not) way before the last day of December. What events of 2022 can be marked as special?

We have built the beautiful victorian balustrade around the big porch of our old cottage; we have got a baby cow that is growing into a gorgeous big one, we named her Rosa, we build the "Roosterville" - the habitat for chickens and this is huge for me as I am scared of them more than possibly dragons, we have got a glass house, planted a lot of new things - some of them survived and some of them not, the construction of my studio started and is well on its way at the moment...we met beautiful people, I learnt new skills, found out I am physically way stronger than it seems and I spent a few months but completed my embroidered advent calendar for the family.

My main wish and hope last Christmas was to find the peace for the heart and mind which I think was achieved to my surprise!

Endless walks in the sunset, rainy days of our winter filled with reading, tea and embroidery - they all made the year remarkable. So much that this Christmas my wishes and hopes expanded into the creative field.

In addition to the peaceful heart and mind there are a few more thoughts: I would like to complete the writing of my book by April, and work on another one that has been postponed indefinitely and finally find out how I could use my talents and circumstances to serve the world better. And a thousand and one little dreams as a bonus :)

These are not resolutions. These are plans and is wonderful to have some.

Wishing all the abundance of wishes and hopes..


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