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The winter recap and the start of a new season

Fairyland is back looking like a fairyland again. I can not find the words to describe what a state our land became by the end of August. The constant rains turned the whole property into a big mud swamp when feeding the animals meant shower after an endevour of going to the paddock.

The peacock's tail was covered in mud, it was hard to find a dry place, and his wives and him were allowed to roam around free range so they just perched on the top of their "palace' most of time.

Even the dreaming and planning seemed to be waste of time as there was no sign of change in the look outside the window for ages.

Drawing fairy houses and escaping into some dream world brought the temporary mental relief. As a result there are five posters or cards with the tea pot fairy houses. You can find them in my shop

as well as other things - prints or printables.

I even went as far as made a new vision board :)

with the "garden of my dreams" and recipes to try...

Like a winter spiced roots tagine>> I will let you know when I try it.

The change needed to be happening and as much as I resisted I left the "estate" and Winston in the hands of the lovely house sitter Lisa and made an effort to go away to the South Island for five days.

To my surprise everything and everyone survived, including Lisa. However Romeo the peacock decided to embrace the freedom completely and visited the front lawn of the neighbour who was not impressed and informed me about it at my first day away.

Luckily everyone was safely contained and I could carry on with a relief.

And by the time we returned the Spring came as well!! And very quickly the sun shine healed the soil, the grass and my soul.

Join to the blooming festival and growing the flowers in the artistic way at my journaling/ creative thought work program

to celebrate the renewal in all aspects.


The first week of September brought so many real spring things like the daffodil flowers along the driveway, first eggs from our chickens, desire to plant the seeds (which has been done with great pleasure) - the chillies and capsicums went into the red trays of a class house. The Indian runner ducks who remind me the gang of penguins from "Madagascar" built a nest, laid 19 eggs there and assigned the white duck to bring them to life.

Life is just bursting into bloom around at the moment: the hundreds of tiny cute lambs in the hills and the valley, little ink drops of baby pukekos, wild ducklings, baby rabbits...


We were swept into this trend and added a baby pug to our household.

We named her Frida and she is a great annoyance to Winston. However she grows fast and I can sense the mischief these two are going to be into very soon.

And the last thing to mention - I completed the illustrations for the lovely story of Indigo the owl by Andrea Clark from the States. The book is coming out at Amplify Publishing company in the

near future.

That was the end of the rain era and the celebration of the era of new life and the work outside.

If you are into planting and growing your own food check out my Simple guide to companion planting

Happy season whatever it is in your world!

Have a creative week,



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