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Drawing the daffodils in winter - cottage life during the wet season...

Blog writing slowed down for me with the nature falling into the real winter mode. With the glimpse of the weird spring messages - like the beautiful sunny days now and then and spring flowers tucked away under the trees I feel as being on a swing - up and down.

I signed a contract for the book illustrations - fairies and owls and lots of other sweet creatures, sank into creating the storyboard, digested a portion of really stinging criticism from the random people (regarding my art and way of living and seeing the world) and completed a few dreams that were patiently waiting at the background since 2020.

Like the Program on Drawing flowers for pretty journaling that offers a series of dates with yourself filled with the beautiful reflection moments and loving thought work for acceptance and admiration for the person you spend most time with - you. Daffodil is one of the 10 florals.

After couple of long walks and reflection time in the morning - yes I am a big believer in the morning pages - it turned out there are a few more dreams to complete and this is when the vision board came to life with seven main things to bring to the world before the end of the year. I look at the board every day and it is amazing how the constant reminder refreshes the mind and keeps things real.

I planted the garlic finally and sowed the seeds of numerous kinds of lattice, sage and spring onion in the glass house hoping they would be safe there from the morning frosts. The visions of the future veggie garden bloom in my mind. It usually happens when it is impossible to start action - the mind throws the images of what potentially can happen. It is so wet, dark and rainy almost every day that I can hardly walk on the garden soil.

However when the conditions clear up and it is time for action the mind usually throws fifty million reasons why I can not do the action :).

Contrast is good though and I love watching the videos of summer days and can hardly believe it was a reality :)

But in couple of weeks I am planning to start the seedlings of marigold which I adore for many reasons and strawflowers. If you need seeds let me know.

So this winter is happening with a lot of work on reinventing the confidence, strength and love.

This is my "renovated" working nook - green was not as bright on the tester but here we are with a jolly green wall with the paint name "lush meadow". :)

I turned 47 last month and may be it is the time to stop living in the fairy world but I love it here and inviting you to share the joy of finding extraordinary in every day little things through my videos, blog and pictures.

Have a creative week, Friends.



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