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Creative journaling as a discipline keeper. The Creation of "For the Love of you Work Book"

The little world in the emerald hills does not mean boredom and total hiding.

I do have dreams and plans and goals in the creative and personal world. But it takes a lot of discipline to stay focused and keep going when nothing seems to be changing or bringing the immediate results.

When I notice a hen broody and settling on the eggs why I do not check them each day “just in case” - I manage to leave them in peace as I know it won't happen at least in the next 21 days. Why is it so hard when it is about my personal desire to have something happening to “plant the seeds”, let it settle and expect the results in the future, but not at the very moment of the first “watering”?

I do not have the answer to this. But I put a lot of effort into reminding myself that everything is happening at the right time. And I have to wait. And then comes THE DOUBT. Self doubt especially… And all the confidence is getting flushed in the toilet. And then the questions start buzzing around like a bee swarm being so loud that it is hard to even separate the noise into anything that even remotely makes sense.

However we are only humans and EVERYONE has moments of self-doubt.

Some people are just hiding it better than the others.

If the saying “confidence is something that you can cultivate and grow” is right then there must be ways of doing it.

I found what works well for me and thought I might share it here.

As simple as it sounds, I find journaling to be a very helpful tool especially If I need to process thoughts and feelings in a more free flowing way in order to better understand them.

It is so good for clearing up the vision and reinforcing the value of the little steps towards something much bigger.

I also found out that turning it into the creative process is even better. It anchors it in mind and allows me to stay strong in the mood of achieving things much longer.

This is how I eventually created a workbook which I called “For the love of you” to give the necessary attention to the thoughts we normally do not have time for.

Which in its way works as a huge confidence builder and brings light to our strengths, lovingly reminding us about our hidden powers and abilities.

I decided to equip it with a video workshop on adding the aesthetically pleasant experience to decorate the journaling work (and I believe it is a work and a very important one) with the florals. I believe that the soft power of flowers is an encouragement for blooming our way and adding to the beauty of the world.

Besides, if we get the regular proof that we can start and finish things, even such small ones - like writing and drawing about our feelings, it works as a catalyst to more actions and more confidence and more results.

My best intentions are to launch the book on the 15th of May! It makes me excited as I have been postponing it for a year. And guess what - a lot of creative journaling and work was put into it as well as the doubt. But I decided to follow the initial intention and let it out.

So just stay around and on the 15th of May it is going to be here with the big celebration on my side. As this means the energy will be freed for the other projects that have been waiting in the crowd of the postponed things. And I can not wait to share them with you!

Have a creative week!



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