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Happy Easter

The day of hope, the day of light and the day of gratitude. This is what I feel on that day.

On the other side of the earth it is also the new beginnings, new birth, new life.

Here is is Autumn.

But new life came in the way of three baby chickens that out silkie mama hen brought to the world a week ago.

We take them outside for the day and bring them inside for the night to protect them all from cold but mostly from the rats that are gorging around on our watermelons and pumpkins.

I get up at 5 am to get the chance to do the reading and writing and also to get ready for the podcast i am invited to participate tomorrow morning. The name of it the honey for my heart as it is called "The cosy feminine". The both words have the world of comforting things and feelings in them. Soothing and healing. Hopeful and nurturing.

So are my intentions for the day: to try and live all that today... with no planning, no "perfect" actions and responses, but be... and create...

Wishing you a happy week...


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