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The discipline and the strategies in the cottagecore style

May 1 brings the alert that the beautiful autumn is not forever. This is the last month before winter starts its wicked games. However each year it is in a different way. I better not anticipate it beforehand.

I am still getting up early, with the roosters before dawn and having my head prepared for the day. Also it is the best time to have the work done as well as to plan. Drawings I mean. I am still working on not feeling guilty about enjoying so much when I do Illustrations for the people or just draw for my future book. Three chapters to go by the way.

So my morning pages turned into writing the blog posts and the book.

Discipline is the thing I always was thinking I was lacking. However, the discovery of the last month was that it is all about clarity and strategy.

Without those two the discipline does not make sense and turns into pointless work and exhaustion.

My chickens know all about it.

They get up early with the purpose and clear vision of what and why they need to do.

First - for Pedro to tell the world that he is the loudest guy in the Southern hemisphere, non negotiable. Second, to eat as much as they can find. Third, to leave their droppings at as many places as they can. Due to the season laying eggs is out of the equation so all good here. Nice, clear and defined.

Not as easy with me. I had a clear vision of completing the first draft of my book by the end of April.

It did not work as I finished 50 other things but not that one.

I illustrated a book including a cover, drew a couple of things for myself for the cottage theme, cooked lots of jars of chilly things of all sorts and came up with a beautiful recipe for cranberry scones and spinach, mushroom and cottage cheese pie out of the leftover pizza dough that was made the night before. Plus a bit of work in the garden - cleaning for winter and preparing the beds for winter crops, and homeschooling and caring about baby chicks.

They grow fast but still spend nights in the house with their lovely mama as the rats are watching them from the bushes of teucrium.

Coming back for the clear strategy I would like to complete

the writing by the end of May,

have all the “circus project” illustrations for my “art club” for local children that happens twice a week,

write a “sleep good” meditation for my daughter who asked for it a long time ago,

complete sewing a curtain for the kitchen

plant brassicas, radishes, microgreens and more lattice,

And launch the workbook “For the love of you” on the 1st of June…

I guess it is enough :) And… meanwhile I am doing a sample illustration for someone… But who can say “no” to fairies?

Yay to getting up at 5 am :)

If you feel like sharing your strategies It would be wonderful to “exchange” the “tools”...

Happy creating!


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